Spring Grants 2017

Brookview Elementary:

“Social Skills Promoting Academic and Emotional Success” received $419 for Rachel Murphy. 4th grade Second Step kit is a social skills program that teaches students empathy, emotion management, and problem solving skills. Students are coming to our school without the coping strategies they need to be successful in and outside of school.

Grassy Creek Elementary:

“VEXIQ World Robotics Competition” received $500 for Corwin, Erker, Gammeas and Knies. This grant would help with the VEXIQ World Robotics Championship in Louisville Ky. Our schools have begun to push a STEM/STEAM initiative. These students will get additional exposure to programming, designing, research and building. Teams come from all over the world, such as China, Hong Kong, Columbia, New Zealand and India. Students will be able to interact with and learn about a variety of cultures. 

Lowell Elementary:

“Feeling Buddies”  received $446 for Cassie Kelly. The Felling Buddies are a comprehensive and innovative resource tool for teachers that the school/classroom is a safe place for students. There are two goals in the program: 1. Give the teacher the additional knowledge and skills to teach students. 2. Students learn specific skills and strategies to learn self-regulation with various resources and materials.  

Pleasant Run Elementary:

“Studio of Colors”  received $500 for Amy Hartung. Chihuly is a Children’s Museum artist. Students and families will understand more about how his artwork is completed and designed by making their own artwork through balloons and that they will take home. 3-D art and painting will also be experiences that families encountered on this night of walking through color. 

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:

“Teaching Empathy and Character Through Stories of Adversity” received $372 for Karen Greaney. Teaching empathy in a middle school classroom has positive benefits such as a positive classroom culture an increase in leadership and problem solving skills, and a global awareness. This project allows students to select an adversity-themed novel by way of a book “tasting” each of the novels listed. Students will be pulled in small groups according to the novel they chose. Teacher guided lessons would allow them to analyze characters, advertise how a character’s traits helped them overcome, or fall victim to, their adversity.

Warren Central High School:

“Promoting Social Skills Through Sports” received $460 for Carrie Wesolowski. This grant is for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Emotional Disabilities. This classroom focuses on basic skills, character education, positive interpersonal relationships and independent living. The teacher would provide students with an opportunity to learn different sports along with their rules, exercise, interact with others instead of being alone are build positive, encouraging friendships.

Fall Grants 2017

Brookview Elementary: 

“Bringing LIFE to a New Area”  received $180 for Robbin Fitzpatrick & Tonya Martin. They will create a special quiet, comfortable and safe area for LIFE students. There will be small book displays added to this area. Students will have books with corresponding stuffed animals. Students will be able to check out the books after they are read to them.

Eastridge Elementary:

“If We Build it, They Will Come” received $741 for Elaine Loftus and Tonya Martin. Each elementary media center will receive Legos for a special area in the media center.Students with similar interests can work together on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. Using Legos, students will participate in collaborative STEM projects.

“Tiptoe Through the Tulips May We?” received $750 for Janet Anderson. Ukuleles will be purchased for all 3rd and 4th students to learn to play These ukuleles give students another means to provide their own choral accompaniment and will be used for many years.

Lakeside Elementary:

“STEM – At School & At Home” received $748 for Christine Milligan. Science kits will be purchased for hands-on activities, aligned with our academic standards, and great tools to get students excited about STEM. The set includes six take home science experiments that students can do with their families.

“Super Start and Finish With STEM”  received $748 for Caron Anderson. Students will have rainbow pebbles, gears, magaformers, Legos, bridge building, vehicle building and house building activities so they can learn how things work together. This is a fabulous way to motivate students to come to school and get started learning.

“Turn It On! – Electricity Lab Set” received $720 for Christine Milligan. Twelve electricity activity labs will be purchased as part of the fourth grade Indiana State standards. Students will discover how energy can be transferred. Students will be able to have the experience of creating many different types of circuits to broaden their potential.

Lowell Elementary: 

“Little Bits For Little Inventors”  received $749 for Elaine Loftus and Tonya Martin. Little Bits are easy to use electronic building blocks that are color coded, magnetic and reusable. They will help elementary students learn about circuitry while building suggested inventions and designing their own inventions. Students can brainstorm solutions, sketch and construct a solution, test it, share and compare it with other student. 

“Programming Our Way to Learning Through Robotics”  received $747 for Tracy Stephens. Third grade students interested in robotics will have a chance to start learning about VEX IQ materials. These items will give students the opportunity to develop teamwork skills, increase fine motor skills, and develop a growth mindset. These items could be used for a STEM summer camp.

Hawthorne Elementary:

“The Butterfly Transformations” received $746 for Buchanan, Strickland, Smith and Martin. Eight classrooms from four different schools will be paired to collaborate on the growth and transformation from as egg to a butterfly. Students will observe, collect data, and graph the larva’s progress. Once a week they connect via Skype to their partner classroom to compare the two butterfly transformations and how much the larva ate. Students will use the purchased book to compare their results to the expected outcome and predict what will happen based on knowledge they have read. 

Sunny Heights Elementary: 

“Language of the Heart: Bilingual Collaborative Writing Project”  received $750 for Julis Mitchell and Olivia Deighton. The project includes pairing students across two elementary schools to write a collaborative bilingual book of their choice. The writing project will walk students through the entire writing process, including the final stage of publishing.  

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:

“Middle Eastern and Eastern Art Series”  received $749 for Bryce Cottingham. The objective of this project series is to educate students about and create an appreciation for the art forms and culture of Middle Eastern and Eastern peoples. Students will engage in traditional Eastern and Middle Eastern Art making Japanese silk painting, Chinese terracotta figure-making and ebru painting. This will create a greater understanding of these cultures.

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:

“Reading 180 Days a Year”  received $500 for Shelby Higginson. The READ 180 program is a blended learning model that targets students that are below grade level in reading comprehension. The program only allows students to take quizzes and complete learning activities on specific titles so just picking random books from the Mediaplex will not help students advance in our systematic program. The titles that are requested in the grant are books that students have chosen to read time and time again. They are research based titles that improve reading abilities.

Warren Central High School:

“Warren Central Jazz Ensemble Festival & Clinician Grant”  received $415 for Elliott Lentz. Students will perform in three different festivals around the stare that allow the students to receive written and verbal feedback of their performances from some of the top jazz educators in Indiana and the Midwest. The groups also receive a private clinic at two of these events, allowing more individualized education to take place.

Fine Arts Rising Star Awards 2016

The Warren Arts & Education Foundation annually recognizes about 70 Outstanding Fine Arts students in grade 4, 6, 8 and 12 in seven areas of the arts at the April Fine Arts Festivals. Selections are made by fine arts teachers.

Elementary Art:

Brookview:   Laila Lawrence, Victoria Pieratt 

Eastridge:   Phoenix Cleveland, Julia Sovern-Fletcher

Grassy Creek:   Olivia Nelson, Kevin Pascual

Hawthorne:   Kaydence Basler, Elijah Whitson

Lakeside:   Danielle Weldy, Isabelle Franklin

Liberty Park:   Nancy Luu, LLiana Ramirez

Lowell:   Imo Ayoola-Ladapo, Justice Galan

Pleasant Run:   Azaria Adams, Jennifer Solano-Ascencion

Sunny Heights:   Naudia Harper, Keyedward Smith

Elementary Choral:

Brookview:   Bianca Stearman, Derrick Williams 

Eastridge:   Janya Campos, Jamilexi Lopez-Rodas

Grassy Creek:   Jackson Ward, Emma Weiss

Hawthorne:   Donovan Bostick, Lily Hull

Lakeside: Justin Cray, Jordan Williams

Liberty Park:   Cacee Arthur, Ethan Covert

Lowell:   Connor Logan, Kamber Williams

Pleasant Run:   Saria Alexander, Jose Medrano

Sunny Heights:   Brooklyn Baitzell, Mauricio Bonila Romo

Fine Arts Awards


Creston Intermediate Academy:   Jada Thomas

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:   Marlee Walsh

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:   Vianney Gonzalez

Creston Middle:   Oscar Lopez

Stonybrook Middle:   Alexys Shepherd

Warren Central:   Johana Cruz


Creston Middle:   Llaina Razo

Raymond Park Middle:   Madison Schmidt

Stonybrook Middle:   Lee Hernandez

Warren Central:   Therese Gianne Trebajo


Creston Intermediate Academy:   Shelby Marie Hall

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:   Hannah West

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:   Amanda Brown

Creston Middle:   Joreylis Sanders

Raymond Park Middle:   Kiera Sloan

Stonybrook Middle:   Rachele Juarez-Cuautle

Warren Central:   Ashliegh Johnson


Warren Central:   Myreesa Underwood


Raymond Park Middle:   Payton Huddleston

Warren Central:   Mathew Wilkinson


Creston Middle:   Melody Gray

Raymond Park Middle:   Shaviyana Culbreath

Stonybrook Middle:   Alyssabeth Clever

Warren Central:   Ariya Marr 

Technical Theater:

Warren Central:   Ariya Marr