Grants are available up to $750.00

Fall Grants 2016

Brookview Elementary: 

“Bloomwacker PBJ”  received $421 for Angela Wilson. These are two projects to empower students with a basic knowledge of musical skills to read and play rhythms and melodies. Students will create and design their own music for performance in a Boomwacker jam band. They will engage in reading and composing rhythmic and melodic phrases. These skills will be practiced and evaluated using the staff white boards requested in this project. Students progress will be photographed and video recorded. 

Early Childhood Center:

“Social and Emotional skill toolbox”  received $290 for Erin Day. This grant is for a compilation of books, visuals and games that can be used with younger aged children to focus on social and emotional skills and training within the school setting. Students can be with this project both in whole group and small group settings. These small groups of students might be made up of one-two children from multiple classrooms that need training in specific social and emotional skills related to showing civility, order, respect and excellence. 

Grassy Creek Elementary:

“STEM IN SPED” received $479 for Brooke Austin. These materials will help to incorporate STEM activities in the classroom. Bristle builders, 3D magnetic builders, magna cars and trucks, connect and build roadway, build a set community vehicles build a set of community buildings. The blocks, manipulatives, mirrors and science based toys help students learn. 

Lakeside Elementary: 

“Discovering the World around Me” received $494 for Caron Anderson. This grant will provide resources for kid-friendly current events and hands on activities. The classroom magazines will be a great resource to start discussion and give students visuals about different topics. Activities include life science, physical science and earth science. Each student will have an interactive notebook.

Pleasant Run Elementary:

“STEM Challenges” received $298 for Dawn DeBona. Students will be exposed to some of the components of the scientific method: understand their mistakes, help them learn, encourage students to push through unexpected problems. “STEM challenges” will help integrate knowledge across disciplines and encourage students to think in a more connected way. 

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:

“Break-Out Boxes”  received $418 for Susan Bryant. This project is designed for students to use their problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Working in groups the students will experience, frustration, anxiousness and even anger at times. The activity will help the students become lifelong learners while developing patience and perseverance. 

Renaissance School:

“Garden Expansion Project”  received $458 for Linda White. A community garden was started in the spring of 2016. This was the first for students to learn first-hand about planting and growing fresh vegetables. Hoop covers will provide for an extended growing season and offer more opportunities for the students, Its provides students with an opportunity to learn about growing and good agricultural practices with regards to urban gardens. 

Sunny Heights Elementary: 

“Music is the Literature of the Heart: A connection between Literature & Music”  received $492 for Stephanie Flannery & Mercedes Moore. Will purchase books to allow a multitude of purposes and serve all students K-4. Students will learn at their own pace and level. Books will cover composers, genres, orchestra and black history. Adding percussion or melodic instrumentals to books helps to make the text come alive. 

Stonybrook Middle:

“Exploration of Slip Casting” received $499 for Ciera Herbst .In studying the “slip casting” method students can gain a better understanding of how intricate parts for various industries. “Slip casting” ceramics is relatively simple and inexpensive compares to buying utilitarian items. Through the Mud Pie Club students will create their own ceramic Christmas gifts. 

Spring Grants 2016

Brookview Elementary:

“Art Architecture Studio: Putting the Steam in Stem” received $375 for Lisa Short. This project will teach students how to design buildings and structures at the architecture studio. Creating original KEVA structures, students will learn new skills in science, technology, engineering and math joined with the aesthetics of visual art. Younger students and those with disabilities will gain strength in their hands by using these manipulatives. They will also practice verbal skills while working collaboratively with peers.

Grassy Creek Elementary:

“Alayo Ijo” received $480 for Audrey Purdie. Alayo Ijo means “joyful dance” in the Yoruba language. Money is for an African dance workshop. Each grade level will perform a Nigerian song and dance. During the workshop students will learn basic steps and empower them to create some, “alayo ijo” to go along with their songs.

“A space for us” received $494 for Brooke Austin. Balance ball chairs, Aussie chair pouches, and adjustable tables were purchased for the special needs class. These items helped with behavior problems and attention issues diminished because they stayed busy in ways that mattered to them.

“Caterpillar/Butterfly Kits” received $384 for Amy Marshall. By introducing caterpillar to butterfly transition kits into classroom, students learn a visual tool to support science standards. Kindergarteners will learn about living and nonliving things and be able to compare and contrast simple groups on living things, first graders will be able to observe and describe life cycles, and third graders will be able to recognize and describe structures of living things that serve specific purposes in growth survival.

“First grade is Flipping for VersoTiles” received $398 for Elizabeth Vance. VersaTiles are an alternative to a worksheet, They allow opportunities for students to practice skills independently and at their own pace. The program combines the challenge of a puzzle with the practice of a workbook, offering many activities. Once all the questions in the activity are answered the answer case is flipped over to reveal a pattern on the backside of the tiles. The pattern is used to self-check for accurately answered questions.

Hawthorne Elementary:

“Science Alive” received $411 for Erika Carmichael and Ron Bollier. This project will teach students about hatching chicken eggs. They will compare and contrast their characteristics and ask questions. Observe physical features of common animals such as growth, size, color and textures. Incubating chicks in the classroom is an awesome way for the children to see close up the wonderful world of science.

Lakeside Elementary:

“Digital Technology in Kindergarten”  received $499 for Amanda Mcintyre. This grant will fund Book Creator Licenses for 100 Kindergarten students. They never expire therefore this application can be used  year after year. The book creator app would allow students to launch digital math journals in the classroom. They will learn by collecting photographs, drawings, notes, and audio recordings of their work.

Creston Intermediate Academy:

“Music Room Request for Turbano Drums” received $500 for Elizabeth Schurger. Every student will have the chance to use the Turbano drums for two years while there in music class. The drums will last many years and can benefit thousands of students.

Warren Central High School:

“Warren Township Summer Jazz Program” received $494 for Elliott Lentz. The summer jazz program will be a three day event. It’s designed to give students an opportunity to learn more about the jazz idiom and expose them to a new genre of instrumental music. This event will incorporate learning opportunities for high school band students, directors and clinicians all with strong backgrounds in jazz music.

Fine Arts Rising Star Awards 2016

The Warren Arts & Education Foundation annually recognizes about 70 Outstanding Fine Arts students in grade 4, 6, 8 and 12 in seven areas of the arts at the April Fine Arts Festivals. Selections are made by fine arts teachers.

Elementary Art:

Brookview:   Laila Lawrence, Victoria Pieratt 

Eastridge:   Phoenix Cleveland, Julia Sovern-Fletcher

Grassy Creek:   Olivia Nelson, Kevin Pascual

Hawthorne:   Kaydence Basler, Elijah Whitson

Lakeside:   Danielle Weldy, Isabelle Franklin

Liberty Park:   Nancy Luu, LLiana Ramirez

Lowell:   Imo Ayoola-Ladapo, Justice Galan

Pleasant Run:   Azaria Adams, Jennifer Solano-Ascencion

Sunny Heights:   Naudia Harper, Keyedward Smith

Elementary Choral:

Brookview:   Bianca Stearman, Derrick Williams 

Eastridge:   Janya Campos, Jamilexi Lopez-Rodas

Grassy Creek:   Jackson Ward, Emma Weiss

Hawthorne:   Donovan Bostick, Lily Hull

Lakeside: Justin Cray, Jordan Williams

Liberty Park:   Cacee Arthur, Ethan Covert

Lowell:   Connor Logan, Kamber Williams

Pleasant Run:   Saria Alexander, Jose Medrano

Sunny Heights:   Brooklyn Baitzell, Mauricio Bonila Romo

Fine Arts Awards


Creston Intermediate Academy:   Jada Thomas

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:   Marlee Walsh

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:   Vianney Gonzalez

Creston Middle:   Oscar Lopez

Stonybrook Middle:   Alexys Shepherd

Warren Central:   Johana Cruz


Creston Middle:   Llaina Razo

Raymond Park Middle:   Madison Schmidt

Stonybrook Middle:   Lee Hernandez

Warren Central:   Therese Gianne Trebajo


Creston Intermediate Academy:   Shelby Marie Hall

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:   Hannah West

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:   Amanda Brown

Creston Middle:   Joreylis Sanders

Raymond Park Middle:   Kiera Sloan

Stonybrook Middle:   Rachele Juarez-Cuautle

Warren Central:   Ashliegh Johnson


Warren Central:   Myreesa Underwood


Raymond Park Middle:   Payton Huddleston

Warren Central:   Mathew Wilkinson


Creston Middle:   Melody Gray

Raymond Park Middle:   Shaviyana Culbreath

Stonybrook Middle:   Alyssabeth Clever

Warren Central:   Ariya Marr 

Technical Theater:

Warren Central:   Ariya Marr

Spring Grants 2015

Eastridge Elementary:  

“Learning Acceptance While Shooting for the Stars” received $413 for Amy May to create a mural that will be placed in the entry way of the school to promote acceptance and teamwork among students with various abilities.

Grassy Greek Elementary:    

“Lights Out on Bullying” was funded $250 for Kristy Rutter & Lynsi Neyland. This project will involve meeting literacy goals as well as promoting the Warren Township motto of CORE. They will involve Township fireman and a retired professional athlete, Mr. Chris Lylte. Mr Lylte started his non-profit foundation to promote anti-bullying and anti domestic violence strategies. Mr Lylte will read his book, titled “Lights Out on Bullying”. He will autograph a copy for each student to take home.

“Nana Days” was funded $496 for Brooke Austin to purchase pre-made, durable, kid friendly manipulative, games, book sets and activities that will meet the academic, social and functional needs of a variety of Warren Township students During “Nana Days” retired teachers will help students develop positive social interactions and will help foster a sense of accomplishment as they work together.

Hawthorne Elementary:  

“Moving the Music Classroom into The Digital Age” received $490 for Mary Wynn to purchase iPod touch 16 GB. She will be able to Download her current CD’s as needed to the iPod, and will literally have each song at her fingertips for her music class.

“All About Animals: Silly Safaris Experience” received $417 for Kimberly Barnhart. With this grant Kindergarten students will work collaboratively with their peers to research a variety of animals through the use of books and iPads. The students will spend time learning and recording facts, specifically those about the animals’ size, share and coverings. The culmination of the experience will be the “Silly Safaris” presentation.

Pleasant Run Elementary:  

“Kindergarten Computer Programming!” was funded $500 for Diane Buchanan to expose young students to the art of coding with Bee-Bots. Bee-Bots is a new robot designed for use by children ages 5-10. The robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and program-solving.

“The Learning Carpet – Let’s Get Physical” received $497 for Diane Buchanan. Over 200 students will benefit from lessons with “The Learning Carpet”. It is academically flexible in that it also provides opportunities for students to learn many language concepts including rhyming word families, spelling, alphabetical order, prefixes and suffixes to be learned.

Stonybrook Middle:    

“Arts Mural” received $449 for Ciera Herbst. Students will work together bringing life to a place seen as dull, will lift school spirit, students will learn more about other cultures and everyone will become closer through the process of creating a wall mural. The Art Club will chose the mural created by students. They will trace lines on corkboard then will paint it. This will bring their Community together with CORE values.

“Microphones for Wizard of Oz Performance” was funded $340 for Sarah Penrose to put on the play “The Wizard of Oz”. This grant will pay for Rights and Royalties, Costumes/Props, set pieces, staging and sound equipment.

Fall Grants 2015

Brookview Elementary:

“Dragster Design and Fabrication” provided $500 for Ryan Hebdren to develop the fastest and most reliable dragster possible while staying within specific constraints. Students will research, design and use aerodynamics. They will then transform their thumbnail sketches onto a 3-D CAD program to show their work. Students will use appropriate tools to manufacture their dragster.

Liberty Park Elementary:                                                                                  

“Unites we Loom: A Collaborative Looming Project” was funded $301 for Abigail Winebrenner & Sophia Stevens to purchase materials. Fourth grade students will begin working on the technique of weaving in the art room. They will use the art medium paper to learn how to create weaving, they will use cross-curricular connections including math, social studies, language arts to recognize the value of community art.

Pleasant Run Elementary:                                                                                                          

“Children’s Museum Adventure” received $500 for Amy Hartung. Students and parents will be enriched with the Children’s Museum trained staff educators coming to their school and setting up colorful artwork around the gym. The evening will be filled with students and parents painting and sculpturing 3-D art.

Creston Intermediate Academy:                                                                                                   

 “Tubano Drums” received $500 for Elizabeth Schurger to purchase 2 tubano drums. These drums will benefit all the 5th and 6th grade students. 

Creston Middle:                                                                                                                    

 “Bring the Bicentennial to Life” received $485 for Susie Highley to capitalize on Indiana’s Bicentennial in 2016. The project will focus on the history, literature, legacies and future of Indiana. They will create a website using google sites. In addition to the classroom projects, students will enter in the Indiana Association of School Principals Academic Superbowl. The topic this year is “Hoosier Heritage” 

Walker Career Center:                                                                                                                          

“Gears” received $499 for Craig Harvey to start a program for 300 students having the chance to experience how gears and gear trains work and create practical applications. The program will be evaluated by the student’s knowledge that they gain in gear, gear train gear ratios.

Warren Central:                                                                                                                    

Ecosystems: “How Do They Thrive to Survive” received $434 for Ronda Gullion. This grant will provide the materials needed to present a unit on ecosystems  providing the students an opportunity to work collaboratively on a lab to enhance their knowledge of how organisms are dependent on each other for survival.

“Fahrenheit 451 Request” was funded $500 for Jenny Guguid to purchase books for 10th grade English Excel students. Students will read non-fiction texts to analyze historical events. “Fahrenheit 45” is a perennial student favorite that exposes them to contemporary American classics.

Warren Arts & Education Foundation Collaborative Challenge Grants Spring 2015:

The Warren Arts & Education Foundation is offering three Collaborative Challenge Grant opportunities for up to $2500 each for MSD Warren Township schools. The Foundation is presenting this opportunity to involve a profession{s} in multiple classrooms within a school or in multiple schools. The goal is to positively impact the largest number of students possible for the most effective use of the educational grant dollars. (A professional is considered someone from outside the MSD Warren school system who will help students explore their interests and involve them in a positive learning experience.) Interaction between the professional and students is important.

Brookview Elementary & Eastridge Elementary:  

“Creating a Buzz with Bee-Bots!” was funded for $2500 to fulfill the request of Amy Lorch.  The Bee-Bot is a robotic tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving skills. The year-long Bee-Bot curricular plan will involve two schools. These schools will participate in common learning tasks and share their findings on a digital platform where they can analyze data and make generalizations. in addition, Bee-Bot will spark inquiry, enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Eastridge Elementary:                                                              

“Creating a Buzz with Bee-Bots!”  was also funds $2500 to Danielle Phillips to purchase Bee Bots robotic tool. It can  teach 40 code with directional keys. Grade-level specific standards can be taught, using the Bee Bots.