Spring Grants 2018

Grassy Creek Elementary:

“Super Star Summer Readers” received $749.00 for Amy Steiner. This program is for families that aren’t able to purchase books for their children. This program will allow students to select 10-15 books of their interest to take home for the summer and add to their homes. It also includes drawstring backpacks to carry the books. The books will be given to first and second grades. This project purchased 173 books this year and will grow each year. 

Lakeside Elementary:

“Book Tour” received $693.00 for Delia Vincz. The purpose of this project is to provide fourth grade students the opportunity to explore different genres of literature during their blended learning rotations and develop a deeper understanding of what lessons, themes and characterization that each author is depicting in their novel. Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to listen to five different novels as a part of their daily rotations in the classroom. Students will be exposed to grade appropriate novels and the text complexity that they present. 

“Students K’nex to STEM”  received $701.00 for Carrie Williams, Michael Gardner, and Christine Mulligan. Teachers working together to create a project that incorporates the math curriculum with hands-on projects that students will be excited about. K’Nex kits allow students to incorporate STEM standards. The project will enhance the learning of countless fourth graders for many years to come. Students will be taught procedures and expectations to insure respectful use of these tools.

“The Children’s Museum Connection” received $503.00 for Sarah Terebinski. Students are taking field trips to the Children’s Museum with outside funds. A teacher wants to extend their learning by collaborating with all teachers that traveled to the museum. The two current exhibits  Take me there: China, and National Geographic: Treasures of the Earth. The subject of the prints would be the terracotta army, clay sculptures of Chinese soldiers featured in the exhibit Treasures of the Earth. Excavation kits would be purchased so students could experience the magic of unearthing a miniature terracotta warrior from the earth just like true archaeologists, and bring this lesson to life. Students will complete a full creative process from planning, sketching, editing, and publishing an edition of prints.

“Supplies for very special artists” received $190.00 for Sarah Terebinski. Life skills students attend art class with grade-level peers during regular rotations to help make students more successful in class, would be the addition of some adaptive art supplies for their work space. These tools are different size or shape from traditional media, or a safer choice than the traditional media, such as the modeling clay which will be used for sculpture and pottery projects.

Pleasant Run Elementary:

“Targeted Solutions for Interventions” received $329.00 for Amy Hartung. This program will focus and serve Tier 2 reading students. These are students that are reading 2 or 3 years behind their grade level. These games will be used to enhance the research based programs. Tier 2 is a vital part of the reading process for our struggling students and needs to be challenging, and exciting. These fundamental phonic and sight word mastery skills are important for the success of future reading. All Tier 2 students in the lower grades will benefit. 

“Family Outreach – Puzzling Dinosaurs” received $500.00 for Amy Hartung. The Children’s Museum comes in after school and into the evening they sets up activities around the dinosaur theme and 250 of our families and staff are able to come and experience this together. The families will have the opportunity to make a cast of a dinosaur to take home The families travel around together to the different stations and build this learning experience together. 

“Civil Rights in Literature” received $303.00 for Anna Handy. Books will be purchased for fourth grade studies curriculum with civil rights literature unit. The first novel will be “Sylvia and Aki”. This mostly factual novel is set in the 1940’s tells a story about two girls. One is Mexican American and one is Japanese living in an internment camp. “Through My Eyes” is the autobiography of Ruth Bridges. It’s a story of experience as a young pioneer of integration. These books can be used to contextualize the civil right movement in our school community for years to come. 

Creston Middle School:

Guitar Racks”  received $600.00 for Liz Schurger. Teacher will purchase six guitar racks from Sweetwater Sound. These racks will hold 30 guitars that every student will have the opportunity to play. Students work on CORE expectations through use and care of instruments in the classroom.

Warren Central High School:

“Google cardboard viewers to enhance student engagement” received $105.00 for Roberta Knowen. Google cardboard is a virtual realty viewer that allows students to be able to have a 360` perspective of the area of study as if they are actually there. Through this technology, students will be able to virtually visit places they read about in literature and discuss in class. Students will be able to take virtual tours of museums, be introduced to notable figures they discuss in class, virtually visit historic monuments and places, scenic tours, interviews, a story lines, and provide students with the opportunity to create their own narrated tours. 

“Reading Warriors”  received $720.00 for Juli Wakema. Books will be purchased to engage readers and inspire them to read not only outside the classroom,  but inspire them to read in addition to what is being assigned with AP exams in mind for not only English but also Social Studies, Math and Science. 

“Bubbha boards”  received $420.00 for Tyson Fritts. A class set of “Buddha boards” will be used in classroom and for the Japanese club. These boards will help show students why stroke order is so important in the Japanese syllabaries and kanji characters. In club, this will lead to being able to create actual shodo and sumi-e to share with our community as practice with actual brushes, ink, and rice paper is costly and takes a lot of practice to learn the different brushstrokes, The art department will also use these.


Richard H. Crosser Memorial: Mya Patterson

McKinley Fine Arts: Raziya Hillery

Rosemarie Pennington Volunteerism : Hannah Jones, Charles Peterson, Krmryn Townsend

Fine Arts Rising Star Awards 2018

The Warren Arts & Education Foundation annually recognizes about 70 Outstanding Fine Arts students in grade 4, 6, 8 and 12 in seven areas of the arts at the April Fine Arts Festivals. Selections are made by fine arts teachers.

Elementary Art:

Brookview:   Alia Bowen, Shamarie Roberson

Eastridge:   Samual Kopinski, Leslie Molina 

Grassy Creek:  Claire Higgins, Ariel Medrano

Hawthorne:   Cade Harter, Zoe Mescall

Lakeside:   Alexys Crawford, CJ Kerr

Liberty Park:   Athziri Santiago-Lemus, Genesis Tangan

Lowell:   Owen Homer, Allison Jeffries

Pleasant Run:   Hannah Deaton, Dylan Thompson

Sunny Heights:  Byron Baltzell, Rihanna Helms

Elementary Choral:

Brookview:   Marissa Davis, James Medrano

Eastridge:   Jonathan Garcia, Savannah Spellman

Grassy Creek:   Arianna Edgington, Brayden Rutter

Hawthorne:   Braylen Horne, Trinity Williams

Lakeside:   Chloe Lee, Megan Phalen

Liberty Park:  Noah Hess, Yazmin Rivera-Cordove

Lowell:  Karsyn Asher, Ryder Shepard

Pleasant Run:  Mainor Martinez, Ravean Williams

Sunny Heights:   Kamea McClam, Kaydin Wright-Beatty

Fine Arts Awards


Creston Intermediate Academy:   Marcus Tauanuu

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:   Lily Merriman

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:   Katiyana Allen

Creston Middle:   Leila Franklin

Warren Central:   Radwan Khatib


Creston Middle:   Gabe Key

Raymond Park Middle:   Anae Hughes

Stonybrook Middle:   Vianney Gonzalez-Gonzalez

Warren Central:   Adam School


Creston Intermediate Academy:   Isabella Sawaqed

Raymond Park Intermediate Academy:   Julia McGinty

Stonybrook Intermediate Academy:   Kira Rodmaker

Creston Middle:   Deonria McClendon

Raymond Park Middle:   Marlee Walsh

Stonybrook Middle:   Deniyah Hubbard

Warren Central:   Lindsey Metzger 


Warren Central:   Hannah Lindsey


Warren Central:   Mackenzie Hyatt


Creston Middle:   Jennifer Zwicki

Raymond Park Middle:  Ashley Bernal-Portillo

Stonybrook Middle:   Sephanie Nieves

Warren Central:   Aaliyah Winters

Technical Theater:

Warren Central:   Avery Gatchell