Harlem Wizards


The World Famous Harlem Wizards Basketball Team will be returning in 2019 to play against our very own Warren Wonders. times and dates will be posted  March of 2019.


2018 Team

Warren Wonders: Greg Butler – Charlton Cavette – Bryce Cottingham – Justin Koomler – Travis Koomler – Andy Knies – Trenee Lambert –  Austin Lemna – Bart Lewis – Tony Meyer – Danyelle Nickels – Michelle Steirwalt – Donnie Turner – Keith Utter –  Abby Winebrenner

Warren Central High School players: Lauronai Daley – Laila McClimon – Malatsia Mitchel – Qumora Schlar

The Harlem Wizards/Showtime Troop: “Showtime” Jackson, “King Arthur” Lewis Jr., “Smooth” Young, “Tomahawk” Stukes, “Hang-Time” Hoose. “Live Action” Bosque

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